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Our Services

We are a technology integrator company that is focus in enhancing current and future technology.

Client Computing

In the new client computing environment, end users want to stay connected and have access to the best networks and service as a seamless extension of their traditional desktop

They want to choose their devices, applications and service. They want to make it their own while still having access to it support. They also need to be free from security threats. We are the best for this

End-User Computing

End-user computing is no longer about managing laptops and desktops.

Today you need to support user access to services, applications, and data on any devices and in any location.

This revolution promises greater flexibility, productivity enhancement, staff morale improvement, and cost savings. Your business can benefit from these changes.

System Design

Opportunities emerge where communication, audio visual and information technologies meet. We turn opportunity into business advantage.

Audio visual spaces such as auditoriums, boardrooms and meeting rooms are critical to day-to- day business operations. At their best, they can transform the way an organization works.

Website Development

A web site is the most important component of your company’s marketing plan.

It’s the central hub for your messaging efforts and should have all other marketing materials allocated to it.

As web technology has progressed over the years, it has yielded many tools to be used in conjunction with your web marketing efforts, such as social media, Blogs and RSS feeds to name a few.


Balancing business and technology pressures is a constant challenge.

You need to improve operations by lowering costs, reducing risks, or enhancing customer experience.

Yet, keeping up with technology evolution, and hiring and retaining the right skills and expertise is just as hard.

MLV TEKNOLOGI sees the network as the platform for all your business functions and communications.

It should provide a powerful point of differentiation through availability, flexibility, scalability, performance, and security. ​

Unified Communication & Collaboration

This is the time for collaboration. This is the time for greatness.

We live in a world of infinite possibility. Collaboration holds the key to transforming your business in ways that we’re only starting to recognize. Collaboration isn’t just about the technology.

It is a strategy that affects almost every part of the business - from developing products and responding to competitors, to making decision and interacting with customers.

Collaboration is fast becoming the key that unlocks many of the productivity, agility and business process improvement.

Software Services

Do you have visibility of all your software assets?

How much of the enterprise software solutions that you own do you actually use?

Can you prove the return on investment of your software assets?

Demonstrating how your investment in software supports your business’s goals isn’t easy. Wouldn’t it make sense to enlist the expertise of partner to help you unlock the full potential of your software investments?


Enterprise security isn’t something you can afford to get wrong, yet it remains one of most challenging organizational disciplines to understand, implement, and maintain.